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CE Opportunities Pre-Approved by the LA Board of Veterinary Medicine (last updated on 10/18/21)
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for DVMsordered by:
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for RVTsordered by:
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CE Opportunities Available Through AAVSB’s RACE Program

A list of RACE-approved programs can be found at Per Rule 403 in the LA Veterinary Practice Act, CE programs through AAVSB (which are the RACE programs) are approved for CE hours and do not further approval of the LBVM. Note: Nearly all RACE-approved programs are only for DVMs and/or RVTs. CAETs cannot receive credit for DVM-/RVT-specific CE.

Proof of attendance for all continuing education programs, either through RACE-approved or the LBVM approved listings, any proof of attendance for continuing education program must:

      • include the name of the course/program, name of the sponsor, date(s) of attendance, hours attended, and specific subjects attended;
      • be submitted for all CE programs during the annual license renewal process.
Emergency Rule-Making due to COVID-19 Pandemic – Please visit the Board’s Rule-Making page at for details on emergency rules pertaining to Continuing Education requirements for the ’21-’22 and ’22-’23 renewal cycles.

Want to get a Continuing Education program approved by the Board? The lists above show all CE programs pre-approved by the Board. These lists are not all-inclusive and only contain those programs for which approval by the Board has been sought. For CE programs not included in the lists, pre-approval is required 14 days prior to the seminar/presentation/meeting.

Per the LA Veterinary Practice Act, rule §400 (page 36), a continuing veterinary education program accepted by another state’s regulatory board of veterinary medicine, a governmental entity, and/or AAVSB (which includes RACE programs), as well as those programs sponsored by AVMA accredited schools of veterinary medicine and/or any professional associations recognized by the board, shall be accepted as units or hours of continuing education; however, all other programs and/or their participants, including in-house programs, shall be required to obtain pre-approval from the board in accordance with LAC 46:LXXXV.409.A.3 and 4, respectively.

If you are unsure whether or not a CE program is accepted by the Board and/or to have continuing education programs reviewed by the Board, please submit a CE Approval Request to the Board by clicking the link below.

Go to CE Approval Request Form

In light of the many changes in CE presentation (format, i.e., online, and subject matter, i.e. holistic/alternative, etc.), LBVM has made concerted efforts to comply with the statutes/rules and review presentation/seminar/courses for valid credits for its licensees. Note: A Continuing Education Program is approved by the LBVM for educational purposes only. As such, please be advised that any Continuing Education program approved by the LBVM (or per its Rules) does not mean the LBVM endorses the subject matter and/or that its application is lawful in the actual practice of veterinary medicine in Louisiana. It is incumbent upon you to confirm any subject matter presented in a CE program may be legally applied in your practice prior to its implementation.

Record & Track Your Continuing Education with the LBVM License Portal

Continuing Education activity can be recorded throughout the year in real time! After you attend a presentation for CE, simply log into the LBVM License Portal, go to “Continuing Education”, select the current CE Period, enter in the CE activity details, and upload the certificate of completion. All of the CE activity entered throughout the year will promulgate into the renewal once you start it.  With each new renewal cycle, you will have access to all past CE activity through the LBVM License Portal.

View of CE Activity

To enter in your continuing education activity, log into the LBVM License Portal and click the “Continuing Education” link in the left-hand menu, then click the “View” link for the appropriate CE period. To add CE programs that you’ve attended, just click on the “+ Add New” button and enter the following required information:

-> Delivery Method,
-> Title of Presentation/Seminar,
-> Organization/Sponsor,
-> Start Date (only applicable if CE activity was multiple days),
-> Date of Completion,
-> Number of Credits, and
-> Brief Description of CE Activity

You must then upload the certificate of completion for the CE activity by clicking on the “Choose File” button. Click the “Save>” button, then repeat the above step to enter more CE activity.

For large conferences with multiple presentations, enter the conference details in the above fields, then either upload a scanned copy of the record of personal participation sheet or the LBVM’s Record for Personal Participation Form.

IMPORTANT – All CE activity must be entered in the Continuing Education section PRIOR to starting your renewal process!

If you start your renewal without entering in your CE activity, you will have to back out of the renewal, then enter the CE activity, then continue with the renewal process.

LBVM License Portal


ONLINE vs. IN-PERSON Continuing Education as defined by the LA Veterinary Practice Act

The LA Veterinary Practice Act defines interactive webinars as online CE hours, NOT live CE hours. The Board continues to receive questions from practitioners concerning the type of continuing education hours required for the annual renewal of licenses – specifically whether interactive, live presentations online may be substituted for the physical presence requirements for attendance at seminars, lectures, conferences, or workshops. Further guidance has been requested concerning the definition of “online instruction” which is limited to 10 hours per fiscal year. These issues are particularly relevant given the unusual circumstances presented by social distancing constraints made necessary by the COVID-19 emergency. The Board is governed in this regard by the provisions of the Louisiana Administrative Code(LAC title 46 part LXXXV) and in particular Chapter 4, sections 400 and 403 (A) (2) and (3). The LAC addresses continuing education instruction in terms of subject matter, accreditation, and the means of delivery of instruction (medium).

Subject matter content is governed by Section 403 (A)(3):  “3.  The 20-hour requirement for annual renewal of a license may be taken in any combination of the following board-approved programs regarding subject matter content:  clinical, alternative, regulatory, practice management, and/or research…”.

Accreditation is addressed by Section 400 and 403 (A)(1):  “1. A. A continuing education program accepted by another state’s regulatory board of veterinary medicine, a governmental entity, and/or AAVSB, as well as those programs sponsored by AVMA-accredited schools of veterinary medicine and/or any professional associations recognized by the board…(and)…other programs…submitted to the board for pre-approval…”.

The medium of delivery of instruction has specific provisions beyond content and accreditation. “Contact participation” is defined in section 400 as “physical attendance at seminars, lectures, conferences, or workshops”. The units of continuing education by contact participation are not limited by the LAC. Sections 403 (A) (2) and (3) provide that a maximum of 10 hours of accredited instruction may be obtained in “approved videotaped, self-test programs with third-party grading, and/or self-help instruction, including online instruction with third-party grading” (Section 403 (A)(2)). Section 403 (A)(3), after addressing subject matter content further provides:  “…however, the actual mediums of approved videotaped, self-test programs with third-party grading, and/or self-help instruction, including online instruction with third-party grading, are limited to the 10-hour maximum set forth in paragraph A.2 of this Section”.

Accordingly, the LA Practice Act distinguishes between “physical attendance” instruction and all other types, including interactive, live instruction participation online, the latter being subject to the 10 hour maximum per fiscal year.


For continuing education programs that consist of more than one presentation and the sponsor of the program does not provide a record of personal participation sheet for attendees, you should use the Record for Personal Participation Form.

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