Public Records Request Form

In compliance with Act 256 of the 2019 Legislature, the Board gives notice to the public that any information submitted to the Board may become public record unless specifically exempted by the Public Records Law, R.S. 44:1 et seq. The Louisiana Board of Veterinary Medicine (LBVM) processes public records requests during regular business hours each business day. Public records requests are not processed after hours, or on Saturdays, Sundays, or legal holidays. Responses are made to the person making the request. The Board is authorized to charge fees for providing copies of records, pursuant to La. R.S. 44:32. Within 3 business days, we will respond to your request or contact you regarding additional time and/or the cost of copies. Public records requests must be made in writing, and can be done by completing the short online form below (preferred and quickest method) or by downloading or printing then mailing or emailing the Public Records Request form. If you are submitting your request in any manner other than online, please submit this form via email to or mail it to the address below. For more information on public records requests, see the Louisiana Public Records Act, La. R.S. 44:1 et seq.

Louisiana Board of Veterinary Medicine
ATTN: Jared Granier, MBA, Executive Director
5825 Florida Blvd
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

If you would like to make a request for a Directory of Licensees, do not complete the form below. Instead, please complete the Request for Directory of Licensees form.

(If the Public Records Request form does not load on this page below, you can access it directly at