Rulemaking Activity

All regulatory and rulemaking activity is posted to this page below. Continue to check the page for updates to the rulemaking processes.

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Emergency Rules
These emergency rules are/were promulgated during emergency declarations by the Louisiana Governor; the status of each item is recorded here. Emergency rules are temporary in nature and do not require the full regulatory process as do the Regulatory Proposals/Projects below.

Regulatory Proposals/Discussions
These regulatory items are being discussed by the Board in its bi-monthly meetings; the status of each item is recorded here. In the event the Board approves a item for formal rulemaking, the proposal is converted to a project and tracked in the section below.

Regulatory Projects
These projects began as proposals and were approved by the Board to begin the rulemaking process. The status of each project in the rulemaking process is recorded in this section.

Legislative Proposals
These items have been developed and approved by the full Board to authorize the filing of legislative proposals. The status of each proposal is recorded here.