Exam Dates & Deadlines

State Jurisprudence Examination

The Louisiana State Board Examination consists of twenty-six (26) questions designed to test an applicant’s familiarity with the laws and regulations governing the practice of veterinary medicine in the state of Louisiana. A passing score of 70% or more on the exam is required for licensure. The LBVM offers the state jurisprudence exam in two different methods. Applicants can take the state board exam either: 1) in-person at the LBVM office (unless another location is stated for an exam date) on the dates seen below OR 2) online through the AAVSB’s State and Provincial Assessments (SPA) program.

Tuesday, July 5, 2022 (Sign-Up Deadline is June 21st)
Tuesday, August 2, 2022 (Sign-Up Deadline is July 19th)
Tuesday, September 6, 2022 (Sign-Up Deadline is August 23rd)
Tuesday, October 4, 2022 (Sign-Up Deadline is September 20th)
Tuesday, November 1, 2022 (Sign-Up Deadline is October 18th)
Tuesday, December 6, 2022 (Sign-Up Deadline is November 22nd)
Tuesday, January 3, 2022 (Sign-Up Deadline is December 20th)
Tuesday, February 7, 2022 (Sign-Up Deadline is January 24th)
Tuesday, March 7, 2022 (Sign-Up Deadline is February 21st)

For more details on the LA State Board Exam and instructions on signing up for either the in-person or online exam, please go to www.lsbvm.org/sbe.

North America Veterinary Licensing Examination (NAVLE)

Applicants for NAVLE testing are encouraged to read through the ICVA’s NAVLE Candidate Bulletin for 2022-2023.

The 2022 spring NAVLE test window is March 14 through April 30, 2022.
The deadline to apply to take the NAVLE during this spring test window is February 1, 2022.

The 2022 winter NAVLE test window is November 1 through December 16, 2022.
The deadline to apply to take the NAVLE during this winter test window is August 1, 2022.

The 2023 spring NAVLE test window is April 10 through April 22, 2023.
The deadline to apply to take the NAVLE during this spring test window is February 1, 2023.

No late applications will be accepted.

Veterinary Technician National Examination (VTNE)

The VTNE will be administered on the following schedule:

Examination Date

Application Deadline

March 15 – April 15, 2022

March 4, 2022 (opens January 18)

July 15 – August 15, 2022

June 15, 2022 (opens April 15)

November 15 – December 15, 2022

October 15, 2022 (opens August 15)

Scores are reported monthly from AAVSB to the LBVM.

License/Certificate Renewals

The renewal cycle deadline was October 30, 2021. All licenses/certificates not renewed on or before October 30, 2021 are now expired. The 2021-2022 renewal period was from July 1, 2020 to October 30, 2021 (expiration date). For more details on the renewal process, please visit www.lsbvm.org/renewals. An up-to-date directory of all currently active and expired licenses can be found by clicking the link below.

License Verification Registry

Please make sure the CE programs you attended are Board approved/accepted and that the attendance documentation is Board acceptable (see Board-approved CE Policy Statement and/or Board Rules, Chapter 4, for details).

CAET Course Dates and Deadlines

The next CAET training course is scheduled for August 11th, 2022 in Alexandria, Louisiana. One must complete the application process before signing up for the certification training. For more details on the application process, please visit www.lsbvm.org/app-caet.

2022 CAET Training Course Brochure

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