The LBVM is happy to announce that the State Jurisprudence Exam can now be taken online! The Louisiana State Board Examination consists of twenty-six (26) questions designed to test an applicant’s familiarity with the laws and regulations governing the practice of veterinary medicine in the state of Louisiana. A passing score of 70% or more on the exam is required for licensure. Applicants can take the state board exam either: 1) in-person at the LBVM office OR 2) online through the AAVSB’s State and Provincial Assessments (SPA) program.

Because this is through a third-party vendor, there is an additional vendor fee of $55 that must be paid to AAVSB/TesTrac once you are approved to take the exam and receive your login details from AAVSB/TesTrac. The $55 fee would be paid when you are setting up to take the exam. If you have previously signed up for the in-person exam in July ’22 or August ’22 and would like to switch to taking it online, please just send an email to our office at and we can get you set up for the online exam.

To learn more about the new online option, you should visit



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