UPDATE (2023-11-29): The AAVSB – through which the LBVM offers the online state board exam – has announced a contract has been finalized with a new online testing vendor. The goal is to compete the transition by mid-December, with online testing available again by late-January at the latest. Applicants will be emailed more details as soon as its available to the Board.

ORIGINAL POST (2023-10-24):
The Board office was notified by AAVSB that TesTrac, the AAVSB’s vendor for administering SPA exams, will discontinue operations on November 30th, 2023 after the unexpected passing of the company’s owner/operator. While the AAVSB is actively searching for a new online testing vendor, there may be a slight interruption in service once one is identified. Until a new vendor is found, the LBVM is advising all eligible applicants who wish to take the State Board Exam online to sign up (if you’ve not already done so) and complete the exam by no later than November 8th. This should give TesTrac sufficient time to process the exams and submit results to AAVSB and our office before operations are discontinued.

To be eligible for and approved to take the state board exam, one must be within 60 days of the date of graduation (or have already graduated). Eligible applicants who wish to take the state board exam should log into the LBVM Application Portal (click here) to check the status of their application.

Until a new online testing vendor is found, after November 8th the state board exam will only be offered in-person at the LBVM’s office at 5825 Florida Blvd in Baton Rouge, LA. Applicants will be sent notification once a new online vendor is available; however, there is no additional detail as to how long this make take.

More instructions on signing up for the state board exam (either to take it online or in-person) can be found at www.lsbvm.org/sbe.

NOTE: The state board exam is independent from the NAVLE or VTNE. One does not have to complete the respective national exam in order to take the state board exam. One only needs to log into the LBVM Application Portal and submit proof of anticipated graduation (if within 60 days of graduation) OR a copy of one’s diploma or official transcript.


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