Continuing Education – Approval Request Form (for Sponsors / Presenters)

Want to get a Continuing Education program approved by the Board? If you are unsure whether or not a CE program is accepted by the Board and/or to have continuing education programs reviewed by the Board, please submit a CE Approval Request to the Board by completing the form below. For CE programs not included in the list of Board-approved CE, pre-approval is required 14 days prior to the date of the seminar/presentation/meeting.

Per the LA Veterinary Practice Act, rule §400 (page 36), a continuing veterinary education program accepted by another state’s regulatory board of veterinary medicine, a governmental entity, and/or AAVSB (which includes RACE programs), as well as those programs sponsored by AVMA accredited schools of veterinary medicine and/or any professional associations recognized by the board, shall be accepted as units or hours of continuing education; however, all other programs and/or their participants, including in-house programs, shall be required to obtain pre-approval from the board in accordance with LAC 46:LXXXV.409.A.3 and 4, respectively.

If your request below is approved, the sponsor listed will receive a CE Reporting Form from the LBVM which must be distributed by the sponsor to all participants once the CE program is complete. The CE Reporting Form will include 1) the name of the course/program, 2) name of sponsor, 3) dates of attendance, 4) hours attended, and 5) specific subjects attended. Before distribution to the individual participants, the sponsor must also list on the bottom of the CE Reporting Form the following: 1) printed  name of presenter/sponsor, 2) signature of the presenter/sponsor, 3) participant’s name, 4) participant’s LA license number, and 5) number of credit hours earned, especially if different from what is reported on the top of the form.

(If the CE Approval Form for Sponsors/Presenters does not load on this page below, you can access it directly at

Failure to upload and submit a sufficient program description, schedule, and/or presenter CV in the form below can delay the approval OR result in a denial of the CE request.