DVM Application Instructions – Student or New Graduate or DVM Practicing < 90 Days

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If you submitted a paper copy of your application, the LBVM Application Portal will not be available to you. You will still need to contact our office at admin@lsbvm.org for application updates. DO NOT CREATE AN ONLINE ACCOUNT in the LBVM Application Portal if you have already submitted a paper copy of the application for licensure.

You must submit the LBVM DVM application along with the following documents uploaded through the LBVM Application Portal.

    • Photograph – A recent head & shoulders photograph (passport style).
    • SVM Diploma/Transcript OR Certificate of Anticipated Graduation – A copy of your official SVM Diploma/Transcript OR Certificate of Anticipated Graduation (download here). A final transcript or copy of your diploma must be submitted after you complete your DVM program.
    • Declarations – Additional documentation may be required related to any “yes” responses in the declaration section of the application.

Submitting the completed application, supplemental documents and applicable fees through the LBVM Application Portal will allow you to register to take the NAVLE through ICVA. Once you have completed the LBVM application, you will need to apply online with ICVA at www.icva.net or call 701-224-0332 for more details. The LBVM DVM Licensure application is separate from the NAVLE application, which should be submitted directly to ICVA.

At minimum, in order for our office to send approvals for the NAVLE to ICVA so you can sign up and take the NAVLE, current students must: 1) complete all sections of the application, make payment, and upload a photograph and the Certificate of Anticipated Graduation. We can then get students approved for the NAVLE while they work on the remaining required documentation below (such as the letters of reference, etc).

Other documents that must be submitted directly to the LBVM after you have submitted your application and paid your fees will include:

    • Letters of Reference – Three “Reference of Personal and Professional Character” forms from licensed veterinarians not related to you who can attest to your professional capabilities and ethical standards and have known you at least one year must be submitted to the LBVM. The reference forms can be downloaded here. The reference form must be given to your reference writers and sent directly to the LBVM by the reference writer upon completion.
    • Official Transcripts – If you uploaded a copy of your final transcripts into the LBVM Applicant Portal, then you must have your official transcripts sent directly from your school to the LBVM. (If you uploaded a copy of your diploma, then your official transcripts are not required.)
    • NAVLE Exam Score – Once you take the NAVLE, you must submit a request directly to ICVA to have your score(s) sent to the LBVM from ICVA. Please contact ICVA for more information at www.icva.net or call 701-224-0332.
    • Preceptorship Documents, including: 1) Preceptorship Agreement Form – at minimum two weeks PRIOR to preceptorship; 2) Preceptorship Practice Evaluation; 3) Preceptorship Attendance Log; and Preceptorship Preceptee Evaluation (to be submitted to the LBVM from your supervisor). (Click here for more Preceptorship details and instructions.)

Other requirements for DVM licensure include:

Fees Associated with the DVM Student, New Graduate or DVM Practicing Less Than 90 Days Application – At the end of the online application, you will be asked to pay the fees as described below:

    • One-Time Application Fee: $100
    • Original DVM License Fee: $250
    • State Board Exam: $200
    • Score Transfer Fee: If the NAVLE is taken outside of Louisiana, a score transfer fee of $10 (and $20 for NBE/CCT scores) will be automatically assessed along with the other fees above. There is no transfer fee assessed if the NAVLE is taken in Louisiana.

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LBVM Application Portal

How to Log Into Application Portal – Go to the LBVM Application Portal. If you have never logged in before, you will need to create your account by clicking on “New user? Apply now” and activate your email address. This email address will be your primary means of communication and used to log into your application in the LBVM Application Portal. Once activated, you will receive an email with a temporary password to use for your initial login attempt. Once you log in with the temporary password, you must create three security questions then you will be able to reset your password.

Starting and Completing a New Application – Once logged into the LBVM Application Portal, on the welcome page you will click the “Start New Application” button. You will then be prompted to select the application type you want to complete. Scroll down and select the “Veterinarian” application type, then select “Student, New Graduate or DVM Practicing less than 90 days” and then “Save & Continue”. The application instructions you are brought to will be specific to whichever applicant type you select. Carefully read through the application instructions page and click “Save & Continue”. Once you start an application, you will be able to stop along any of the steps, then come back to resume at that place in the application at a later date. Follow the prompts and instructions for each section of the application, clicking “Save & Continue” to move to the next sections.

    • Be sure to accurately enter all required information in the application sections, especially all contact information for you, your employer(s) and your references.
    • In the Education section of the application, be sure to select “DVM” as the Level Attained and enter all of the required details. If your SVM name is not listed, select “Other – Not Listed” and you will be prompted to enter your school’s name.
    • If you answer “yes” to any declaration questions, you will have to enter an explanation and upload any documentation you may have to support your explanation.
    • Read the Certifying Statement and click the checkbox to agree to all conditions of application.

Uploading Supporting Documentation –  When you get to the Supporting Documentation section, you should upload all necessary documentation. Don’t have all documents ready yet? No worries! Upload what you have and click “Save & Continue” to move forward in the application. Once you make the payment and your application is submitted, you will have the ability to upload any remaining documents under Application Documentation (see details below).

Making Payment for Application –  When you get to the Applicant Fee Payment section of the application, you can pay by credit card using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club.

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Once your application is submitted you will receive a confirmation email with more details. You can continue to check the status of your application by logging into the LBVM Application Portal then on the Welcome page, click the “Review” button next to your application. (When contacting the LBVM Office regarding your application, please use your application number given in the Welcome page.) You will notice under your application details that your application status may initially be listed as “Submitted” or “Pending Payment” and you will see several items listed under Application Updates related to any required supplemental documentation/information.

NOTE – If any documentation is listed as “Waiting for Upload”, you can finish uploading them at this time in the Application Documentation section.

Your application status will remain as “Submitted” until our office can start reviewing your application material. You are urged to frequently log into the LBVM Applicant Portal to review these application updates from the Board. Your application statuses will update as follows:

    • Submitted – Your application has been initially submitted. Please note that your Application Documentation section may not be completely accurate until we start reviewing your material and your status is updated to “Pending Requirements”
    • Pending Requirements – Our office has started reviewing your material and updating the Application Documentation section with all missing supplemental documentation and/or information. Frequently check your Application Updates for more details as material is received.
    • Pending Payment – All supplemental documentation/information has been received, but final payment of invoice(s) is still needed. Go to “Invoices & Receipts” to make payment.
    • Under Review – Your application has been completed and all necessary supplemental documents and payment(s) have been received. Your application is under final review by the Board.
    • Approved – Your application has been approved and your license has been issued. Log into the License Portal to download your new LA license.
    • Denied – Your application was unfortunately denied by the Board.

You may be contacted via email as we process through your application; however, application updates will be posted in real-time in the Application Documentation section as our office receives more details and/or more of your supporting documentation/information. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding your application for RVT certification with the LBVM, but you are strongly encouraged to frequently log into the LBVM Application Portal to check your application status for updates.

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