Licensees can start entering continuing education activity completed from July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024 into the ’23-’24 CE Period for the next summer’s renewal cycle (which opens on July 1, 2024)! Online CE is limited to a maximum of 50% of the total required CE hours. As such, DVMs must complete at least 10 hours of in-person CE; RVTs must complete at least 5 hours of in-person CE, and CAETs must complete at least 3 hours of in-person CE. Interactive webinars are – and always have been – considered online, not in-person activity. In-person contact hours are defined by Rule as “physical attendance at seminars, lectures, conferences, or workshops”.
This year, we have created a Step-by-Step How-To Guide with instructions on how to enter CE activity into the LBVM License Portal. Please pay special attention on how to enter conference activity and/or how to enter multiple CE activities into one batch entry. Presentations from a conference should not be entered individually but rather as one entry for the conference as a whole.
Proof of Attendance (i.e. – Certificates of Completion) MUST include all of the following details:
  • Licensee’s First & Last Name
  • Title of the Activity
  • Name of Sponsor, Association, or Conference
  • Specific Date of Attendance/Completion
  • Total Hours Earned
  • Delivery Method (online, interactive, in-person, etc)
Please ensure all of the above details are included on the Proof of Attendance forms before uploading the document(s) into the LBVM License Portal. If any of this information is not included on the Proof of Attendance, the CE activity cannot be accepted.



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