Regulatory Proposals/Discussions

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These regulatory items are in discussion by the Board; the status of each item is recorded here. In the event the Board approved a item for rulemaking, the proposal is converted to a project and tracked in that section of this page. Inquiries related to these rulemaking proposals should be directed to Mr. Jared Granier, Executive Director of the Board, at The rulemaking review process from Notice of Intent to Rule can take anywhere from 3 to 12 months [R.S. 49:968(H)(1)]. The APA Guide (click here to view) gives the list of various actions and steps that must be completed through the review process.


2022-D  ~  Petition for Rule Modification – In accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act, R.S. 49:950 et seq., the Board is amending LAC 46:LXXXV. Chapters 1, regarding the petitions for rulemaking in section 101, providing clearer instructions on submitting petitions for the adoption of new rules or for amendments or repeal of an existing rule. The proposed amendment to section 105 also delivers greater clarity on submitting petitions related to application decisions made by the Board.

022-C  ~  Preceptorship Requirements for DVM Licensure – Discussion on preceptorship requirement for applicants for DVM Licensure.

  • 08-04-2022     Current statutes and rules regarding preceptorship requirement for DVM Licensure to be discussed by Board. [Source: Meeting Agenda – 08-04-22]
  • 08-04-2022     Board voted on rule amendment for promulgation. The preceptorship program is being discontinued and will no longer be required for DVM licensure effective on date of Final Rule promulgation. [Source: Meeting Minutes – 08-04-22]
  • 08-04-2022     Incorporated into Regulatory Project 2022-02.

2022-B  ~ 
Expedited License for Military & SpousesLA R.S. 37: §3651 requires occupational licensing boards to amend rules related to active military licensure applicants and their spouses.

  • 02-04-2021     Board discussed additional requirements to the rules; Legal Counsel will present rule amendments at a later date for Board vote. [Source: Meeting Minutes – 02-04-21]
  • 04-07-2022     Legal Counsel instructed to draft proposed amendments to be presented to Board at its 06-02-22 meeting. [Source: Meeting Minutes – 04-08-22]
  • 06-02-2022     Update on drafting of rule amendments being presented to Board. [Source: Meeting Agenda – 06-02-22]
  • 08-24-2022     Will be incorporated into Regulatory Project 2022-04 once Notice of Intent has been drafted.

2022-A  ~ 
NAVLE Waiver, VTNE Waiver, & RVT State Jurisprudence RequirementAmends Rule 303 regarding the satisfactory requirements for the waiver of retaking the national examination, allowing greater discretion by the Board in examining the work history of the applicant to determine whether a five-year period of full-time employment has been maintained. Additionally, amends Rule 803 to create consistency among the board’s two largest licensing groups in providing applicants for RVT licensure a possible waiver for retaking the national examination if the score is older than three years. This will also strike the practical state board examination requirement for applicants for RVT licensure and allow the board to administer the written state board examination as required by statute.

  • 12-10-2020     Board discussion of possible need to amend language of NAVLE waiver; No vote. [Source: Meeting Minutes – 12-10-20]
  • 08-05-2021     Rule amendments discussed at Board meeting; No vote. [Source: Meeting Minutes – 08-05-21]
  • 10-14-2021     Continued discussion of rule amendments at Board meeting; No vote. [Source: Meeting Minutes – 10-14-21]
  • 12-02-2021     Final discussion of NAVLE waiver language; Discussion of necessity for VTNE waiver language and amendments to give viable pathway for state jurisprudence exam for RVTs; Legal Counsel instructed to draft proposed amendment to be presented to Board at its 02-03-22 meeting. [Source: Meeting Minutes – 12-02-21]
  • 02-03-2022     Board approved proposed rule amendment for promulgation. [Source: Meeting Minutes – 02-03-22]
  • 04-10-2022     Incorporated into Regulatory Project 2022-01.