The Final Rule for regulatory project 2022-01 will be published in the October 20, 2022 edition of the Louisiana Register with an immediate effective date. This rule amendment will allow greater discretion by the Board in examining the work history of the applicant to determine whether a five-year period of satisfactory employment has been maintained. It will also amend the work requirement from 32 to 20 hours on average per week for the five-year period of employment prior to application. These changes will be mirrored in Rule 803 to create consistency among the board’s two largest licensing groups in providing applicants for RVT licensure a possible waiver for retaking the national examination if the score is older than three years. This will also strike the practical state board examination requirement for applicants for RVT licensure and allow the board to administer the written state board examination as required by statute. The progress of this and ay other regulatory project can be followed at on the Board’s website.

NOTE: RVT applicants who submit an application on/after October 20, 2022 will be required to take the written state board examination and pay the associated fee. Current RVT licensees or applicants who have already submitted their application and paid the required application fees do not have to take the state board exam or pay the associated exam fee.



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