Check List of Items Required for Veterinary Licensure in Louisiana

Step One: Application for DVM licensure must be submitted to the Board office priorto application to sit for the national veterinary medical examination, and before any negotiation/agreement for applicant to complete the preceptorship program requirement at an approved site.

Step Two: Examinations

To take examinations:

1. Each applicant must submit an application form for examination and/or licensure to the LBVM. This application form must be signed, notarized, and a passport type photograph must be attached. The application fee of $75 and State Board Exam fee of $175, if applicable, must also be included with the application made payable to the LBVM. Each applicant for the NAVLE must submit a completed NBVME examination application form. The NAVLE exam application should be submitted directly to the NBVLE via mail or electronically.
2. Proof of graduating status. Fourth-year students may take the NAVLE examination in the fall or spring. To be eligible to take the State Board Exam, an applicant must demonstrate that he is a graduate of an AVMA accredited school of veterinary medicine or is eligible for graduation within not less than 60 days of the date of the exam. Proof of graduation may be submitted by using a "Certificate of Anticipated Graduation" form completed by the school from which you will graduate or by submitting a photocopy of your diploma, or an original, official school transcript indicating the degree conferred.
3. Foreign veterinary school graduates must provide one of the following to the Board:

  1. proof of enrollment in either the Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates (ECFVG) program of the AVMA or the Program for the Assessment of Veterinary Education Equivalency (PAVE) of the AAVSB, or

  2. a copy of either the ECFVG or PAVE completion certificate, or

  3. proof of enrollment in the fourth year of veterinary school.

Step Three: Documentation Requirements and Preceptorship Requirement

To complete the licensing process:

1. Passing scores on examinations are required. These examinations include:

bullet - Louisiana State Board Examination
bullet - North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (NAVLE) or
bullet - Previously taken National Board Examination (NBE) and Clinical Competency Test (CCT) not greater than five years old.

2. Three character references by licensed veterinarians or other professionals not related or currently enrolled in the same veterinary curriculum as the applicant, who can attest to the applicant’s professional capabilities and ethical standards. The reference form mailed to these individuals by the Board must be returned directly to the Board office.
3. All applicants for licensure must complete an approved preceptorship program. All information, instruction, and forms for preceptorship (link) activities are available on this website or from the Board office. All preceptorships are subject to review and approval by the Board.
Three basic options are available. They are:
a) Completion of an 8-week preceptorship in an approved private practice setting (item "i)" below)
b) Submission of proof of veterinary licensure (U.S. state) and at least 3 months documented full time experience in a private practice immediately prior to application (see item "ii)" below)
c) Submission of proof of equivalent preceptorship activity performed through graduating institution approved by AVMA (see item "ii)" below)
i) A complete preceptorship packet consisting of five documents must be submitted. These documents are:
- Agreement Form – must be submitted at least two weeks prior to start of preceptorship
- Attendance Log
- Preceptee Evaluation
- Facility Evaluation
ii) Licensed persons coming to Louisiana from another state may submit other forms of preceptorship documentation to meet these requirements. Please contact the Board office for further information. All submissions require review and approval.
4. A photocopy of your diploma OR an original, official school transcript which indicates that a degree in veterinary medicine was conferred.
5. Payment of the original licensure fee of $225.
6. State law requires this Board to verify the status of student loans before a license can be issued to any applicant. If a loan is found in default, the applicant must rectify the loan situation before a license can be issued. Please complete the Verification of Student Load Status form below.
7. Foreign veterinary school graduates must provide a copy of either the ECFVG or PAVE completion certificate before licensure can be completed.

The requirements for the above items can be found in La.R.S. 37:1520 and Title 46 LAC LXXXV 301.

The Louisiana Board of Veterinary Medicine charges a processing charge of $10 to receive and process scores on the NAVLE or NBE and CCT taken in another state. This charge is NOT included in any fees paid to the transfer agency by the applicant. If you are transferring scores to Louisiana, this score transfer processing charge must be paid to the LBVM for EACH national score transferred.

To apply to take the North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (NAVLE), contact the NBVME (National Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners) at (701) 224-0332 or visit the NBVME website at (link)

To transfer passing scores for previously taken National Board Examination and Clinical Competency Test (NBE and CCT) or NAVLE which were taken outside Louisiana contact the Veterinary Information Verification Agency (VIVA) of the American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB) at (816) 931-1504 or visit the AAVSB website at (link) for a Score Transfer Application form.


DVM Applicant Requirements

Fourth Year Student, New Graduate, or DVM licensed and practicing for less than 90 days
Licensed DVM practicing for less than five years
Licensed DVM practicing more than five years
Foreign Veterinary School Student or Graduate


Information and Instructions
Examination Application Instructions State Board Examination Information
General Application Information
Application Certificate of Anticipated Graduation
Application Update Certificate of Valid Licensure
Application - Faculty License Verification of Student Loan Status
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