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The Louisiana State Board of Veterinary Medicine offers the Board-approved certification course for CAETs at various sites in Louisiana at dedicated periodic intervals.  Deadline for application to the course is on Friday two weeks prior to the course.  The fee for the certification course is $80.  To obtain full certification as a CAET, you must take and pass the required examinations.  The fee for taking the examinations is $50.  Total fee for attending the course and taking the examinations is $130.

Only persons who have completed this course and passed the examinations can be fully certified to use controlled substances for animal control and be eligible to obtain controlled substance permits from other state and federal agencies.

If your animal control shelter or facility uses sodium pentobarbital for euthanasia of animals, your employees need to be certified to use Sodium Pentobarbital for performing euthanasia without a licensed veterinarian on the premises.

Application forms are available on this website or may be obtained by contacting the board office.  Each person applying for the course will receive a course handbook and information prior to the course date.  Please contact the board office if you have any questions.

The Board also provides for Lead CAET designation allowing for one CAET at a facility to obtain additional registration on the controlled substance permits for the purchase and maintaining of chemical capture drugs.  Lead CAETs must complete a Board approved chemical capture course as one of the requirements for Lead CAET designation.

CAET Course and Examinations:

The only Board-approved course for CAET certification and examination in the State of Louisiana is given under the direction of the Louisiana Board of Veterinary Medicine.  The course and examinations are offered at various sites in Louisiana at dedicated periodic intervals.  First-time applications for the CAET course, examination, and full certification must:

  1. Submit a fully complete, signed, and notarized application form approved by the Board with a passport size photograph attached;
  2. Submit a signed release waiver form authorizing a background check;
  3. Submit a notarized copy of a valid, current driver’s license or an official copy of birth certificate;
  4. Submit a photocopy of high school diploma or copy of official high school records or copy of GED certificate or an official transcript indicating attendance at an institution of higher learning;
  5. Submit two (2) references of professional character and ethical standards on Board approved forms from licensed veterinarians or other professionals associated with animal control who have known the applicant a minimum of one year;
  6. Pay all applicable fees as noted on the application form. Payment must be made by check or money order made payable to the “Louisiana Board of Veterinary Medicine” or “LBVM”.  The Board strongly recommends issuance of separate checks for each participant of the animal control facility.  Cash will only be accepted in person at the board office.  Any NSF returned checks will invalidate your attendance at the course and taking of the required examinations unless payment is re-made in cash (in person) or by money order only.


Full CAET Certification:

Full CAET certification will be issued to individuals:

  1. Upon submission of all items required for application;
  2. Attendance at the CAET course given by the Board;
  3. Passing scores on the required examinations; and
  4. Payment of all applicable fees.


If your facility will be ordering and storing sodium pentobarbital on the facility site, a Louisiana licensed veterinarian or one certified CAET at your facility must be registered with Louisiana Board of Pharmacy – Controlled Dangerous Substance Program (CDS) and with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).  Sodium pentobarbital cannot be stored on the facility premise if no one is registered with CDS and DEA for the facility.  Only one person can register for the facility and it must be either a Louisiana licensed veterinarian or a state certified CAET.

LEAD CAET Designation:


The CAET who holds the LBP-CDS and DEA drug registrations to purchase Sodium Pentobarbital for the animal control facility of employment and who have been authorized by the animal control facility may apply to the Board for “Lead” designation of their state CAET certificate.  The “Lead” designated CAET of a facility may apply with CDS and DEA to add chemical capture drugs to their drug existing registrations for purchase, storage, and use chemical capture drugs at the facility.

The CAET applying for “Lead” designation must submit the following to the Board:

  1. a complete, signed and notarized application form;
  2. a copy of his/her current LBP-CDS drug license;
  3. a copy of his/her current DEA drug registration; and
  4. document from the sponsor that he/she has completed a Board-approved training course in chemical capture.


At this time, the only Board-approved chemical capture training course is given by Louisiana Animcal Control Association (LACA) during the first full week in August, and the course given by Safe Capture International, Inc.



  1. Each applicant must submit a fully complete, signed, notarized application form with a passport size photograph attached.  An initial, on-time application fee of $25 must be submitted with the application form along with all applicable fees including, but not limited to, course fee, examination fee, full certification fee.
  2. Background check must be performed.  Each applicant must sign and submit a release waiver form authorizing the Board to request a background check on the applicant by a law enforcement agency in regards to any history with dangerous and /or controlled substances.
  3. Two references of professional character and ethical standards forms must be submitted directly to the Board by the reference givers as listed on the application form.
  4. Each applicant must also provide:
    1. Notarized copy of current, valid driver’s license or official copy of birth certificate; and
    2. Proof of high school graduation – copy of high school diploma or GED certificate or an official school transcript from an institution of higher learning.
  5. An applicant seeking designation as Lead CAET for their employing animal control shelter/facility must also submit:
    1. Signed and notarized application form with completed Certificate of Lead CAET Designation;
    2. Copy of current state controlled dangerous substance license;
    3. Copy of current US DEA registration, and
    4. Proof of attendance and completion of a Board-approved chemical capture training course.

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