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An eight-week (320 hour) BOARD APPROVED preceptorship is a REQUIREMENT FOR LICENSURE IN LOUISIANA. This is not the same as an externship or internship done through your school of veterinary medicine. Your school’s program MAY OR MAY NOT qualify you for a waiver of the Board’s requirement.

This is a real licensing requirement. It is not just a paperwork “formality”. Plan to take this requirement seriously. If you request a review of your student experience, you must allow three to four weeks for processing. If the experience does not substantially meet the Board’s requirements, you may be asked to obtain additional hours up to the maximum of 320.

Our program has very specific guidelines and paperwork requirements. It may be quicker to use your intended employer as a preceptor. This is NOT legal in Louisiana unless the employer is approved by this Board as a preceptorship host practice AND you register with the Board office as a preceptee FIRST.

Any person who performs surgery, makes a diagnosis, prognosis, or prescribes mediations or appliances in Louisiana is practicing veterinary medicine. To legally practice veterinary medicine in Louisiana , you must have a license to practice or be registered as a preceptee with the LOUISIANA BOARD. If you are not registered with us then you must have a Louisiana license to provide these services. Direct supervision is NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR BOARD APPROVAL (see Rules 702 and 1031 of the Louisiana Veterinary Practice Act).

We will be happy to answer your questions about this requirement and help you select the most appropriate option. Please call us as early as possible to avoid a delay in obtaining your license.


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